Video teaser for CovEvent, the new carpooling app for events

Discover our official video for the promotion of CovEvent.
It shows the use of the platform when going out to a public party with friends.

One of the use cases for CovEvent is indeed the management of the transportations amongst friends. It seems easy to carpool to a private event but in reality, it fastly becomes a nightmare. Nobody is able to have a clear view on the situation: who takes who and where ?
Thus, using CovEvent, even for private groups of friends can help a lot !

No more talking, discover this amazing video, enjoy !

It took us one evening to film each clips. The team is highly professional and those people are great talents, which helped to have a so nice result fast.

The clip was presented to the Start Academy Contest, which awarded us for the public prize in December 2016.

The video is produced by Simon Hardenne.

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