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How to make your event « greener »: 5 simple tips

If you’re an event planner working in a “sustainable” company, you (probably) have to organize green events in order to fit with your company’s image.

You’ll find here some advice which will help you to create an event respecting the environment.

1. Find the right place

Instead of booking a room and having to change all the decorations (lights, tables, chairs, …), try to rent a room that immediately meets your need. You’ll save time and money!

To go further, it’s interesting to know that some places offer you to compost the leftovers or to give them to a charity! What’s best for a green event?

2. Reduce waste

The best is to avoid what must always be thrown away : prefer what you can reuse regarding glasses, plates, cutlery, etc. Besides, estimate the most accurately possible the amount of necessary knifes and forks, in order not to put in the dishwasher unused ones.

Regarding the dishes themselves, some types of food have to be avoided. An example? Chicken wings, making a lot of trash. Broadly speaking, not offering products sold in an individual package is a simple tip, but a useful one.

3. Deliver virtual invitation

In order not to waste paper, create virtual invitations! To avoid useless complications, there are a lot of websites and apps which help you to create a guest list and the associated invitations.

However, if you’re really against virtualization and really want to have physical invitations, use recycled paper!

4. Offer an ecological transportation


Once your event is organized, the perfect place found, the tables set, and the invitations sent, you also need that your prestigious guests arrive easily and safely at destination. While avoiding traffic, parking stress and respecting the environment, the guests registered on CovEvent will arrive happy at your awesome event.


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5. Show that your event is GREEN!

Finally, communicate aboute the fact that your event is a green one. Thanks to this, your guests will be more comprehensive and will better understand  everything you’ve prepared to have a sustainable and successful event!



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