How to organize perfect outdoor events ? (1/2)

Summer, sun and sweet heat… What a pity to stay inside and not to enjoy those ! Are you planning to organize an event soon ? Seize the opportunity to create the best event you can by organizing it outside. Nevertheless, you’ll have to pay attention to some crucial elements in order not to disappoint your guests. Nobody wants to have a sunstroke …


But don’t worry ! You’ll find in this article some tips to make your outside event a reality.

1. Find a place …

The first thing to do is an obvious one : finding an outside place for your event. The place will depend on your desires, your budget and the event itself. Your garden and/or terrace can be big enough. Nonetheless, not everybody has a house with a garden or a terrace … But that’s not a problem at all. Indeed, you simply can rent an outdoor place. Whatever that may be (a boat, a panoramic rooftop, …), you’ll always find the perfect place for your event. To make it easier for you to find the place, there are a lot of websites (such as this one) listing all the outdoor places available for rent.

2. Shadow is our friend

If the advantage of an outdoor event is to “sunbath” a little bit, you can’t neglect the negative effects it can have to our body. Indeed, sunstroke and sunburns are real threats.  In order to avoid those, it is essential to create areas where your guests can protect themselves from the sun. To do so, it’s absolutely not complicated : you just have to bring pergolas and parasols.

Similarly, it seems obvious to think about having enough chairs to sit. Yes, sun (ans above all heat) makes everyone tired.

3. Water

To bring more freshness, the best for your event would be to benefit from a water point : a lake, a pool, a pond, … It will always be a significant element to create a successful outdoor event.

Some places have already one of those. But if that’s not the case, you can bring yourself some freshness to your event. You can, for instance, set some inflatable pools or fountains. The choice will obviously depend on the type of event you’re planning. Eventually, mist generators are also a solution to consider.

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4. An accessible event

When you start organizing an event (inside or outside), you will always have to think of its accessibility. How can you be sure that your guests will easily arrive on time and find a parking space ? The most adequate solution is carpooling ! CovEvent offer a solution to those questions while respecting the environment and networking among carpoolers.

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