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Create your Event Stage Design Successfully

Do you want your guests to leave your event thinking about the unforgettable experience you have brought to them? But you do not know how to do it? Let’s take a look at what currently shines brightly : your event stage design.

As a key element of your event, fantastic stages are not just for festivals and concerts, it is also possible to create creative stages for business, corporate, charity and exhibition events.

We listed down some ways to create a maximum impact from your guests and increase your event success.

Height for the stage

First, it is important to choose the correct height for the stage. The ideal height for the stage is 1.5 feet off the ground for up to 200 audiences. The height for the stage would need to increase or decrease depending on the size of the audience.

Lighting in stage design

Lighting is a vital aspect in stage design. A good lighting directs the audience’s attention and ensures the right impact on the audience at the right time. It is the most often forgotten element in stage design. However, it is as important during the event as later on the social networks for the sake of the photos and videos. Moreover, we recommend not using one standalone profile light for a speaker: there are many speakers who like to move around and needs to be covered by a minimum of 2 lights.

Effective sound distribution in the venue

Furthermore, one of the most crucial thing is ensuring that there is an effective sound distribution across the venue. Depending on the size of the audience, place speakers and microphones at regular intervals and position them correctly. Your music choice is obviously something that may turn your event into a success (or failure). Be specific about the genre of music as it can help you to represent your brand or company easily.

Branding solutions

Lastly, the success of your event also depends on branding solutions. An event stage design must incorporate your brand colors. You can compose a specific theme or story for your event with brand specific props and put it all together with lighting and sound. This will allow your brand to speak for itself, while setting a clear image in your audience’s mind.

These were some ways to create your events more successfully. If you give more attention to event stage design when you are organizing one, your audience will like it even more and they will leave it with good memories, just as you wanted.

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