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How to Communicate Effectively when Organizing an Event

Organizers always aim to organize the best and the most successful events. Excellent communication skills are essential in many professions. Also, it is one of the most important aspects when organizing an event. In event planning, miscommunication can result in numerous problems for both organizers and guests.

The effective communication must start before the event and it must continue afterwards. The organizers must put theirselves in participants’ position and ask themselves “what kind of things would they like to know, and when ?”

Before the event

It is all about the participants to have the best event experience possible. If a participant attends an event for the first time, communication beforehand will reduce the stress of the unknown.
The key element is for the main organizer to gather a list of the contact details of anyone involved during the event. This valuable information will save him some precious time and avoid him last minute miseries.

During the event

At the arrival of the first participant, signs should guide him/her through each stage of the event. The participant will start the event with everything he/she needs and in a good mood if he/she clarifies questions such as:

  1. When does the event start?
  2. How can I get food and drinks?
  3. Where do I have to sit?

The event’s website or app (look at KeyBate for example) must include those information. Furthermore, if you would like to have a positive feedback from the participants and want to enjoy the event that you are organizing, always be happy and smile all the time.

After the event

After the event, event survey can help you to find out the participants who did or did not like it. Organizers can send the event’s survey via Mail-chimp for example. Moreover, the most important thing is always to thank your participants afterwards for attending. The planner should be completed  personal experience and evaluation feedback to understand what went well and what might be changed.

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