Carpooling for your wedding

Wedding day is one of the most intense day of someone’s life. Every detail is thoroughly planned! Still, there are some aspects of a wedding that are likely to be neglected. Transportation of your guests is one of those, while it may bring lots of troubles.

A beautiful location, but… far away

Most weddings take place in idyllic rural locations. A farm, a wedding hall or a castle: all those off-center places are often badly served by public transportation. Moreover, it is difficult to get and park there. As it stands now, the size of the room is certainly an important criterion for your selection, but what about the amount of available parking slots ?

By allowing your guests to carpool efficiently, they will not have to walk for ten minutes in the mud or in the cold in order to reach the entrance. Indeed, carpooling can reduce by up to 75% the amount of cars heading to your wedding. Moreover, less cars means less noise for the neighbors – if there are some.

Mariage dans un bel endroit, utilisez le covoiturage !

Alcohol consumption at your wedding

Is it common to offer unlimited drink to your guests at your wedding. Champaign, wine, cocktails… they surely drink and celebrate quite heavily! But what about their safety on their way back? Most of the time, your guests know they have been drinking but still hit the road right after. What could be worse than an accident on the way back of the most beautiful day of your life ?

Hence, it is important to offer an alternative. Housing or accommodation for everyone is complicated and expensive. Carpooling, on the other hand, allows anyone to return home with a safe driver. CovEvent provides a social control of the alcohol consumption of the drivers. Thanks to a few questions asked to the passengers the day after your party, we are able to compute a confidence index for each of the registered drivers. Knowing in advance they would be evaluated, drivers are less inclined to drink. This social control is much more efficient than any sensitization campaign. Drivers may then receive some advantages from our partners: each ride is worth some exchangeable confidence points. A positive reward for the drivers, next to the sharing of their transportation costs !

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