Carpooling for your party

Une soirée entre amis, c'est toujours amusant ! Pensez au covoiturage grâce à Covevent !When organizing a party, we often skip the transportation problems. Indeed, there are so much things to be taken care of: the food, the music or even the invitation cards. Organizing such an event quickly becomes complicated.

Do you know how your guests are heading to your party? Most of the time, they use their car. Are there enough parking slots around your party location ? Or do your guests have to walk minutes long in the cold just to get to the entrance? CovEvent might bring you a solution in this case, as carpooling greatly reduce the number of cars in the parking.

A better general atmosphere!

This is not the only advantage carpooling brings to your event, especially if you are inviting different groups of friends. They may not know each other, leading sometimes to uncomfortable situations during the party. Why don’t you let them meet before the party? Carpooling allows to start partying before the party even started!

Carpooling is one of the friendliest ways of traveling. Why riding alone when they might get acquainted with other guests? Your guests probably share some friends or common interests ! This can only improve the general atmosphere of the whole party.

And what about the security of your party ?

Alcool en soirée, un problème pour la sécurité routière !

There still remain one important point concerning the transportation to a party: the road safety of your guests on their way back. Alcohol is omnipresent, but it does not mix well with driving. Your responsibility might be engaged for the consequences of the alcohol consumption of your own guests ! Hence, it is really important to offer them an alternative to drunk driving.

CovEvent reduces the probability of an accident as carpooling simply decreases the amount of drivers. But above all, we offer you a social control of the alcohol consumption of the drivers. Thanks to a few questions asked to the passengers the day after your party, we are able to compute a confidence index for each of the registered drivers. Knowing in advance they would be evaluated, drivers are less inclined to drink. This social control is much more efficient than any sensitization campaign. Drivers may then receive some advantages from our partners: each ride is worth some exchangeable confidence points. A positive reward for the drivers, next to the sharing of transportation costs !

What are you waiting for ?

Our service is free for every event of less than 50 guests ! So, what would be your excuse for not using it ? Get your dedicated link in seconds and share it to your guests.

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