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Benefits of Carpooling

There are many benefits of carpooling, many of which people do not know or even think about. Let us consider the most important 5 benefits of carpooling.


1. AccessibilityCarpooling means less cars on the road !

Taking public transports is not always easy nor practical. Some countries also don’t offer public transportation in the late evenings. Thus, we must use a particular vehicle such as private cars and taxis to go to and back from events. Carpooling gives us the accessibility to to the venue while also reducing the overall cost of fuel and Parking. Furthermore, 30% of traffic jams are caused by people looking for a parking.

2. Parking

Do not force people to look for a parking lot during half the time of the event. People will definitely get stressed out when looking for a space to park. Sharing a car reduces the parking fee per person or either the event budget. Indeed, for some events, the parking space is rented and costs a lot to the organizer !

3. Environment

Carpooling cuts down the amount of cars on the road. The transport of the guests to an event creates 45% of the total carbon footprint of the event. If all the cars are full, you can reduce the emissions by 5 !

45% of the carbon footprint of an event is due to the transport of participants ! Click To Tweet
4. Road Safety

More than half of deadly accidents on the roads are due to alcohol consumption. Having a designated driver decreases the risk of drunk drivers as they know they are going to drive people. But it also has been proved that driving alone is also more risky as we can fall asleep, but also because carrying more people means taking care of them. The social pressure of the occupants of the car hence enhance your attention to the road.

5. Reduced Cost

Carpooling requires fewer parking facilities and parking fees per person. It also reduces the overall fuel consumption. Reducing transports costs is good for the guests, but also for the organizer. Indeed, people have more money to spend at the event !


Carpooling is easy !

Some people think it’s complicated to carpool to an event. It’s true, taking his personal car is easier than sharing it with different people. Proposing CovEvent is a simple solution to access all the benefits of carpooling without any effort for the organizer.

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  1. Many countries have carpool laws, and as a part of these laws they have created carpool lanes. On busy highways, this lane is a huge benefit for passengers riding in the car apart from the advantage of integrating carpooling app into the business. Riders can beat the traffic, save gas and get to work in the right time instead of getting stuck in traffic and wasting fuel.

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