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The 6 Most Important Steps to Plan an Event

There are several steps you may want to follow in order to achieve a successful event. In this post, you’ll discover the 6 most important steps that will help you touch the Grail: the perfect event !

1. A goal and an objective for your event

First of all, when organizing an event, you must ask yourself two important questions: why are you organizing this event and what do you wish to achieve?

Defining a goal will help you to keep the direction of your event. You know what you want and so you’ll be creative in each of your actions to get there.  If the answers to those questions were clear before organizing it, it will be more easy to achieve your goals and objectives.

There are two questions: Why are you organizing this event and what do you wish to achieve? Click To Tweet

2. A team is not only nice but crucial ! The team is one of the most important steps for your event

As we already mentioned it in our previous blog post about stress relievers, a team is highly important ! You must have a team effort to cope with all the details of the event. Consider identifying an Event Manager (if you read this, it’s normally you !). As an event manager, you delegate everything to the members of your team such as: venue management, entertainment, sound system etc.

3. Choosing a date is not easy

When choosing a date for your event, don’t forget to take into consideration the other events around that might impact yours. Select proper date and time that will suit your guests. After all, the event is also for them !

4. Create a Master Plan

This plan should include all aspects of the event such as:

  • Venue Selection: Considering the security and the space specification such as the capacity of the place.
  • Logistics for Participants: Make sure your participants can easily attend your event. Logistics is often an issue so be creative with alternatives like CovEvent.
  • Presenters: Get the attention of the participants by selecting the right presenters for your event. They’ll give great value to your guests.
  • Activities and Entertainment: The activities and entertainments must suit the event’s goals and objectives, for you but also for your guests.

5. Determine the Administrative Processes

Keep track of your planning, registration, budget, guests and speakers lists etc. This will make the steps more clear but it will also smooth the processes of your event. While you are planning all the processes, you can involve other people or groups to organize the best events. People usually love to help and to give advices and insights.

6. Establish a Budget

Decide how much of your budget you can spend and what to spend for. The budget should incorporate estimations for all the key items of your master plan. It is also important to search creative ways to spend the budget wisely.


As an organizer, if you follow those most important steps, your event will certainly be unforgettable for your participants. Achieve the goals of your event by applying those, your guests will thank you later.



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