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5 ways to release the stress when planning an event

5 ways to stress out when planning your event: it's simpler than you think !

Organizing some great event is really a hard job and it might make you feel stressed ! From small details to really big decisions, you have plenty of things to think about. You are working hard to delight your audience and to give them the best experience possible. Releasing the pressure you have on your shoulders is of great importance for you to keep up the good work.

There are many tricks you can use to take out your stress. We have identified 5 tricks you can apply directly to your next event !

1. Create a checklist so you don’t forget anything

Mind the stress: Do a checklist !When planning something big, you might believe that there is no easy way to keep up to date with every single task you have to do. Breaking them into smaller ones is a first step but keeping everything in mind tends to be difficult.

Ask yourself or your partners what you need to do exactly for each of them and keep track of everything on a checklist. There are software tools such as Google Keep, Evernote or Asana to track all your progess for each of your tasks. Those tools are really powerful when it comes to task management. Similarly, do not underestimate the power of an old-school notebook, as the feeling of manually ticking the task is so powerful !

2. Delegate, delegate, delegate !

When working with a team, delegating is key. “Alone, you go faster but, together, you go further” ! Give some responsibilities to your teammates and only keep track of the summary they give you. This is an easy way to split the work (and the stress), releasing you from the corresponding responsibilities.

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For this advice to be efficient, you do not only need a great team you trust and that will understand the tasks and the situation. To be efficient in team, you have to communicate clearly, talking about everyone’s concerns and progress. Hence defining communication and follow-up processes are key for this trick to help you greatly.

3. Technologies don’t stress

Today, technologies can help you on so many aspects ! From ticketing to picture management, there are new digital tools for almost everything you need ! Here are some examples of technologies that can reduce your workload:

4. Get outside and explore the surroundings

Get out and release the stressWhile you are managing your event, don’t forget to take a break and to relax a bit. Go outside for some minutes, relax and disconnect. Your body needs it but you’ll also feel much more comfortable by doing it. Your event is surrounded by cool natural landscapes ? It’s even better, take a walk and get out of the building !

Always schedule a time-out for you and each member of your team. They’ll love it and you’ll be able to exchange about what you discovered around.

5. Avoid useless risks for your event

When there is a risk, there is a stress. Humans don’t like risk and it’s natural. So why don’t you avoid useless risk taken when planning your event ? Here are some sources of risks that you can easily avoid:

People don’t come to the event…

… because the date does not suit them, because of the event’s poor accessibility or even because they did not hear about it due to a lack of efficient promotion… Chose a day that will fit for everyone. Take a small survey out of your surroundings, via Doodle.com for example and choose the date wisely. The accessibility is always an issue, but there are solutions such as carpooling, public transports,… When it comes to the promotion of your event, choose an agency that already worked with your type of event such that they know how to communicate efficiently.

Alcohol consumption leads to accidents

A car accident after your event is always bad for the image of your event but also for you. Do you know that you can be responsible if someone drives drunk after your event ? The simplest solution to reduce this risk is simply to propose mobility alternatives.

Timing is too short

Planning something always take time ! Don’t underestimate the time needed. Try to guess the time you’ll need by asking other event managers about their previous experiences with this kind of event.


You have a lot of things to think about and some of those can imply some stress, but there are also small tricks that will help you reduce it. Put yourself always first, don’t push your limits too far as you must still enjoy your job ! Use everything you have around you to transform the stress of the planning into a smooth experience.

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