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Taking public transport is not always easy nor practical. Propose a cheaper and funnier alternative to your guests !


Thanks to common centers of interest or friends, they will meet like-minded carpoolers on the way to the very same event, and arrive in group.


More than 40% of the ecological footprint of your event is due to the transport of the attendees. Diminish it by reducing the number of cars !


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Intelligent algorithm

The guests are notified when a passenger or driver register with a matching trajectory; they register only once and are warned when needed.

Ease of use

Your attendees will be able to organize their shuttles on the web, on iOS and on Android – carpooling to your event is ready in seconds !

Private data

Guests’ data are safely hosted on our servers and are only shared when both carpoolers reach an agreement. We stick to our privacy policy!

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Dour Festival
Hockey World League
24h vélo LLN
Soirée rallye
360 possibles

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